I have benefitted from Peachtree City Therapeutic Massage for six years. Words to describe the therapy … relaxing, energizing and healing. I suffer from tremendous neck and shoulder tension and after deep tissue massage treatment at Peachtree City Therapeutic Massage, I feel like a new person. Renee is extremely professional and her caring manner, combined with the muscle tension release, creates complete wellness. Fran A.

Renee is professional, extremely knowledgeable and skilled in neuromuscular therapy; her philosophy is a holistic focus on wellbeing and health; she is kind and caring……..Renee helped me to deal with my constant pain while I was searching for the cause. Renee was a lifesaver during this time. She has become a dear friend as well. Carole

"I have been going to Peachtree City Therapeutic Massage for many years and cannot say enough good things about the practice. The massage therapists truly care about their patients and will ensure that the massage is customized to address your specific areas of concern. It's not a one size fits all kind of approach. The staff is very highly trained and skilled at what they do. I have received very good care at PCTM and have recommended them to others." -Bonnie W, Peachtree City